Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Greenland Woods

Greenland woods 

On a summers morning the trees are slowely swaying in Greenland woods 

In Greenland woods the Animals are soundly sleeping 

In Greenland woods you can hear the fishes splashing in the water 

In Greenland woods the long green grass is very wet and sloppy 

In Green land woods the caves are very cold, dark and creepy 

On top of Greenland woods you can see a lovely view of the trees and animals and caves and fishes.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wind Enegry

It seems strange to think Wind as a source of energy but we have been harnessing it for thousands of years the first windmill was in Persia.

How it Works:It's mainly used for grinding grains and drawing water from wells.Air density,wind speed and the length of the rotor blades. 

Wind Farm:The first windmills loocked like egg beaters but today morden wind mills are much better than they used to look like,who knew that old egg beaters are much more morden and they have less rust on it. 

Renewable Enegry:Morden wind turbens are strong,sleek and snited converting fource with wind 

Countries Using Wind Power:When strong winds blow it converts the movement and makes the turbines "blow"

The Drawbacks:Inside a genartor it converts into elecrity 

Conclusion:In-conclusion I hope that you know more about Wind Enegry 

Independent writing


Once upon a time there was a bunny called Basil.Basil had a brother once but he died because he got killed by a person because he wanted meat so a smuch she also has sister her name is coco she lives in watership down (that is a differnt story by my friends Hollie Mei and Rosie)Basil lives in a tree trunk with her family coco basil  sleep in one room and basil’s other sisters and brothers sleep in a another room her parents sleep in another room.While coco sleeps while she was sleeping she heard a noise that was not a noise that her family would make so she decided to wake up coco and tell her about the noise after she woke up and basil told her about the noise  coco told her to just go to sleep so coco just fell asleep again basil tried to fall asleep again but she could not so she just stayed up again and about nineteen minutes later she heard that sound again and so she just decided that she should just go back to sleep.But basil could not go to sleep so she decided to wake up coco again well after coco woke up coco decide to just get up for the day so they brushed their teeth and combed their tails and went  outside for an adventure.Basil said that we should go down the hill because she had found a nice patch of grass  


As they were hopping to the grass they they were talking and basil said”hey why don’t we have a adventure and come back

come at 8:00 pm”’. so coco said that we should do it then she said we should let mum and dad know that we are going but then basil said that they would be fine so they packed their stuff for the road and they hopped away.As they  walked away from they tree trunk coco sasid that they should take a map just incase they got lost so the went inside again and got a map and thenthey left as they left there was a storm and they had to stay in an hotel (I know what you are thinking bunnies in a hotel well FYI this motel is a bunnies only hotel so no humans or other anamils are allowed in the hotel) they stayed in the hotel for the whole night.basil thoought in her mind that they should have accutally told their parents that they went out on adventure  coco said mom and dad are sitting at home worried  sick so basil said that tommrow we will not stop and keep going and not stop the coco said no how can you think about still going on this adventure then basil said that you can go home and i will stay out unti i want to come home then coco took her backpack and left then basil just went to sleep.when the sun came up she woke up and brushed her teeth and comed her tail then she checked out and started a new day


she thought that coco would have booked another room for herself so  she went back in and said if a bunny named coco allan  had booked a room the person at the front desk said that she did but she checked out 2 seconds  ago and  that she is in the front lounge waiting for a taxi  to watership down then she went down to the front lounge and sitting near the pool was coco looking something upon her tablet basil walked up to her and sat down next to her coco had realised that her sister was sitting next to her but she tried  to not notice anything ,then basil asked coco if she wanted to go home or just go with her then she said that she would go with basil and they would go back home when basil  wanted she also said that she texted chocolate  (chocolate  is their sister) and chocolate  said that “mom and dad had not even noticed that they were gone”.so they told they guy at the front desk that he should just tell the taxi guy not to come well they guy at the desk said that he could not just call the guy and say not to come then because he was already here so the sisters just said that if they could just change where they were going he said sure so the caught a taxi that took them to jump city while they were in jump city coco saw a mall and she said that they should go shopping for some clothes basil is really into shopping and she said why did you even ask let’s go so they went in and there was a lovely black and white dress that was so pretty and there was a dress that was purple   and blue both of the sisters loved the dress so the split up to get both dress and they did so they bought the dresses but they bought the dress at different times basil finished paying first then she saw someone  who looked like coco and she went out the store with her then coco finished paying so she found someone who looked like basil so she walked out the door with her       


as they walked away from each other basil saw coco and walked over to her then told her she looked just like her sister and coco replied and you look just like my sister then they went on with their day when basil and the imposter went back to the hotel they sat down and watched tv and flop starts was on.Basil loves flop starts but coco hates it that basil was waiting till coco said change the channel but she did not then basil said hey coco you do know that flop starts is on and you are watching it then the imposter said who's coco basil replied your coco then she said no I'm Christine then basil said show me your birthmark then Christine said here is my birth mark and she showed basil her birthmark first of all it was in a totally different place and second of all it was a different shape then basil said hey if you don't have a birthmark that my sister has then your not my sister then she shoved the imposter out the front door and went out to look for her real sister.She went straight back the mall that she saw her real sister meanwhile at the room that coco was in she was watching flop starts,as coco was about to say change the channel the imposter said hey change the channel coco was so confused that basil was saying to change the channel coco said why are you saying to change the channel basil the imposter said i hate flop starts and  who is basil then coco said your basil then the imposter said no im alice then she shoved coco out of the door.Then coco went to the mall to the last shop that they saw each other they both searched the mall from the top to the bottom and they could not see each other they both gave up and went toilet while basil went toilet coco was looking when she came out they saw each other.basil walked over to her and said hello coco,coco was too busy trying to get an connection on basil’s tablet.basil said coco can you hear me then coco said what then she froze as she was so shocked to see her sister standing right in front of her she asked are you okay basil said yes im okay


Coco was so scared that she said lets go home now basil agreed so they went back to the hotel and got all their stuff and checked out as they were about to check out basil said wait coco we have not even gone in the pool so they went back to their room and got changed into their swimming togs and went into the pool.They were in the pool for more than an hour when coco saw the time she said basil lets go but basil was talking to some boy so she had to drag her out of the pool so that they could check out and go home than go home so they ran back to their room and got changed and checked and for the second time they order a taxi and waited for it to come so they waited in the front lounge when it came they hopped in and said to go to watership down the driver said watership where than basil down then he just looked it up in the gps and it came up so they had to drive 15 hours straight no stops so they did and they reached at the top of the bottom of the hill  as they climbed the hill basil and coco thought what their parents would and what their younger brothers and sisters would so they stopped and thought of not going inside or go inside and lie about what they were doing for so long so they write down a plan before going inside the tree trunk because they knew that they would be in trouble for leaving without telling anyone where


When they got inside they ran to their room so that nobody would see them but of course crunch saw them so she jumped into their room too crunch asked them why did you go everyone was so worried about them.Coco said that it was all basils fault and basil replied well you had the choice of coming or not than coco said but you were the one who decided to go on an stupid adventure basil said excuse me it was so not stupid it was awesome coco replied oh than who got us separated by paying at different times by than crunch had fallen asleep and she then said hey crunch don’t you think it was dumb to pay at different when the dress we bought was only 1 million dollars each crunch had to wake up then she said hey you are meaning to say that you to spent 1 million dollars just on a stupid dress than basil said no there was 2 dresses and then  crunch said i'm telling everyone that you spent 2 million dollars just on some dresses so crunch ran out to tell her father and mother about them so  


While crunch was running to her parents basil ran ahead and tried to set some pranks which would slow crunch down and while she was setting the pranks coco tried to stop crunch by getting them to do something by the time basil had finished setting the pranks crunch had already  told her parents and her parents had already had a talk with coco and it was basils turn to be spoken with so basil walked up to her father he said how could you go out without telling us and you also dragged coco with you go up to your room i don’t want to see your face for the next 2 minutes so basil waited for her father to come and take her down stairs after 10 minutes basil thought where could they be so she said that 2 minutes was over so she opened the door to her room and she walked down the stairs herself and she could not see anyone so she called out but no one came then she heard a sound of a car driving away so she looked outside and there was her family being kicked into the boot of a car basil tried to stop the car but it drove off she called a taxi to come and get her but the nearest taxi was in jump city so what she did was she took her dad's car key and drove the car as fast as she could to try and save her family she drove all night but no sign of her family.The next morning she heard about her family on the radio it said that Basil had to turn herself in or her family would  die Basil rushed to the radio station and asked about her family.The girl at the front desk said that there 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Anzac Poetry

Guided Writing

When The Night falls  

When night falls
The sun goes out,
All the brightness goes to sleep,
Its like a light has gone out and a lot’s of lights have been turned on,
Alot of little lights have been turned on,
sparkle has brightened up,
The night sky float  when night falls

When night falls,
Children have been put to sleep,
Most parent’s stay up and watch scary movies,a flick,
Everyone looks this way,
The curtains swing that way,
Suddenly the floor the boards open,
A monster pops out

When the sun rises

When the sun rises
Birds sing their songs happily while,
As children wake up and get ready for school,
Parents wake up too as they have had a night of horror,
The small lights have been turned off and a big one is turned on,
the daytime sky is still lit up